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Halo Infinite weapons tier list – which guns are the best?

Halo Infinite has stormed onto Xbox and PC with some of the best-feeling Halo and first person shooter gameplay that I can think of from the last few years. It’s fast-paced, the guns all feel powerful, and it’s just a lot of fun – see our multiplayer review for why! – but which guns are best? Which weapons should be your go-to, must-grab pick-ups if you want an edge in a fight, and which ones need a little love and balancing from 343 Industries?

We’ve grouped all of the guns, melee weapons and grenades from S-Tier down to C-Tier in what is the only 100% accurate Halo Infinite weapon power ranking on the internet.


  • S7 Sniper Rifle (Power Weapon) – It’s the sniper rifle. You know how good it is.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Battle Rifle

  • BR75 Battle Rifle – A Halo institution ever since Halo 2, the burst fire of a Battle Rifle remains as deadly as ever. Best at medium-long range and needing a deft and accurate touch, it’s a gun that has been mastered by an entire generation of gamers.
  • M41 SPNKR (Power Weapon) – It’s a rocket launcher, need I say any more? Lead your targets and aim for close splash damage. Try not to blow yourself up.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Needler

  • Needler – The Needler doesn’t initially seem like an S-Tier gun, but trust me, there’s few things that better this gun at close range. Its tracking darts, rapid fire rate and needing just 12 needles to land for a kill make this one of my go-to guns.
  • Gravity Hammer & Energy Sword (Power Weapon) – These melee weapons are as powerful as ever, especially when combined with a grappling hook or dash ability pick up. Just beware if people see you coming that they’ll backpedal and fill your face with metal… or more needles than a Porcupine.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Sword

  • Dynamo Grenade – This is the grenade you want in your back pocket in Halo Infinite. No, you can’t stick an enemy with it, and no, it’s not a one-hit kill, but it will sap the shields and health of enemies with arcing lightning and it will very quickly disable vehicles, leaving them and their occupants vulnerable to some follow up gunfire.


  • MA40 Assault Rifle – As a starting gun in an arena shooter, the humble Assault Rifle is one of the best guns in the business. It’s the ultimate accessible starting gun that’s spray and pray friendly, has a decent bit of range, but rewards accuracy from those that know how to use it. Beware that the shots bloom if you’re firing for too long and be ready to swap to your sidearm if your clip runs empty to mop up.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Assault Rifle

  • MK50 Sidekick – Your trusty MK50 Sidekick is an exceptional sidearm. Good for chip damage on scoped enemies at range, mopping up kills after your other gun runs dry and as an enemy’s shields have been breached.
  • MLRS-2 Hydra – Toggle to the homing missile mode with the left trigger and the Hydra is great for tackling vehicle pilots and enemies at a moderate range. Just beware that a lot of lateral movement will make those missiles miss. A confidence booster if you’ve been on a bad run, as well.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Hyrda

  • Mangler – Initially feeling out of place, if you stick with the Mangler, you’ll quickly discover that it’s actually one of the best guns in the game. Three hits to kill at range or one that you follow up with a blade-enhanced melee attack. It’s great.
  • Skewer (Power Weapon) – Like a cross between the S7 Sniper and M41 SPNKR, the Skewer takes up a huge amount of screen space and forces you to lead your targets. Still, it’s a one hit kill if you hit enemies anywhere on their body, and it will wreck enemy vehicles.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Cindershot

  • Cindershot (Power Weapon) – This bouncy, sparkly grenade launcher is a pyrotechnic delight, but it’s a bit tricky to get the best from. Two hits make a kill, but those grenades typically bounce before they kaboom. The trick to learn is that aiming down sights switches modes so its projectiles follow your reticule. This can even work to whip them around cover that your foe has darted behind. This is a gun with a high and rewarding skill ceiling.
  • Plasma Grenade – The classic sticky grenade is as satisfying as it’s ever been, and there’s that cackle of laughter that will burst from your face whenever you’ve doomed an opponent to explodey death. It doesn’t even matter if they manage to take you with them, you’ve won the fight and they know it.


  • Pulse Carbine – An energy shot equivalent to the Battle Rifle, the Pulse Carbine has a much narrower window of use. For one thing, it feels like it needs more shots to land than the BR, but that’s mainly down to projectiles traveling to target. Those projectiles will home, but only within a particular medium range window. Pair this with a human gun to deal the final blow after it’s drained shields, or keep blasting away, if you prefer.
  • Shock Rifle – The Shock Rifle just feels too tricky to get a headshot compared to the S7 Sniper Rifle. It still has a great reason to exist though, as it will disable vehicles with a couple of landed hits, and damage can actually arc between enemies if they’re close enough together. There’s also an achievement for that.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Heatwave

  • Heatwave – It might not seem like it thanks to the ranged projectiles, but the Heatwave is actually a shotgun. The left trigger toggles the fire mode between a horizontal spread and more compact vertical shot, while the projectiles will bounce through the environment. With the vertical shot, you need to learn to finesse your aiming to lead targets and you’ll be vaporising them into nothingness in a few blasts.
  • CQB48 Bulldog – Halo’s shotgun was a Flood-blasting delight that the Bulldog doesn’t quite live up to. It’s got a mean bark, but needs a few bites to down an enemy at close range.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Stalker Rifle

  • Stalker Rifle – Think of this as a kind of DMR instead of a sniper rifle, just beware that this gun just lacks a little punch for the accuracy it needs.
  • Spike Grenade – It’s probably (probably) just as good as a Plasma Grenade, but there’s just something about the Spike grenade that’s not quite as satisfying to use. Maybe it’s just that it’s not as glowy? The main upside is that it will stick to whatever it lands on, instead of falling flatly to the ground.
  • Fists and Butts – Very often putting the two into Halo Infinite’s one-two punch of combat, your fist or butt of your weapon is either a weapon of close quarters last resort or a deadly finishing blow that follows an opening salvo. It’s just a bit inconsistent in Halo Infinite right now. You can get a huge lunge in at times, or whiff at thin air when it feels like you should really have landed the hit.


  • VK78 Commando – The Commando’s been taken down a peg since this summer’s beta tests. It effectively needs a full clip of accurate shooting in order to down an enemy. But don’t despair if you get a challenge for this weapon, start running with the pack and aim to be the guy that’s getting the final bullet with short bursts of fire that help its accuracy.

Halo Infinite Best Guns Commando

  • Sentinel Beam – If you manage to hold the Sentinel Beam on an enemy for a few seconds, they will burn into ashes, but it’s tricky to pull off on erratically moving targets – pretty much everything in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. It can be effective, but not a go-to weapon in my books.
  • Fragmentation Grenade – The lowly frag grenade is just so thoroughly outclassed these days, best for spamming doorways and corners when you’ve got nothing else in your pockets or as a cheeky “throw it on the floor and hope it takes out my killer” explosive. Still, they’re better than nothing!
  • Plasma Pistol – The classic Plasma Pistol now just feels too piddly and weak. It no longer disables vehicles, as that ability belongs to other guns, and the tracking on its charge shot is too easily evaded. Alas, this is now one of the Grunts of the litter.
  • Disruptor – I don’t feel like I know that the Disruptor actually deals any damage at all. Apparently its shots will deal damage over time, and its electric shots can incapacitate vehicles, but it sure doesn’t feel like it’s doing much of anything!

Halo Infinite Best Guns Ravager

  • Ravager – The Ravager is just too weedy, this gun becoming the butt of many a joke within the Halo community. Its arcing burst plasma bolts are far too ineffective on their own, but it can charge up for a shot that will splash and set plasma fire to a fairly wide area. If you pick it up, use it for area control and denial, dealing some chip damage to help as you swap to another weapon.

There you have it. Barring any sweeping balance changes to the Halo Infinite multiplayer sandbox, that’s where all the guns and weapons stand within Halo Infinite for its 8th December launch across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Let us know how you think the weapons stack up in the comments below.

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Author: Stefan L