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Grey’s Anatomy: The 10 Worst Things Alex & Meredith Did To Each Other

Content Warning: This article contains mentions of suicide.

Alex and Meredith’s friendship on Grey’s Anatomy had a rocky start, but the pair grew to love and support each other, and eventually became best friends. Up until Alex’s sudden departure in season 16, they bonded with each other through the similarities they shared, and the experiences they had gone through together.

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However, along the way there were many times where Alex and Meredith clashed with each other, or went behind the other’s back. Whilst they would always reconcile, some of the things they did to each other were detrimental and sometimes had long-lasting effects.

10 Alex Assumed Meredith Couldn’t Be A Doctor

When first introduced to Grey’s Anatomy, Alex proved to be quite selfish and ignorant to other people’s feelings, which often left him alienated from the likes of Meredith, Izzie, Cristina, and George. In the show’s very first episode, “A Hard Day’s Night,” Alex exhibited his cocky and self-assured attitude through the sexist comment he made to Meredith.

The two hadn’t even had a proper introduction before Alex offended Meredith when he wrongly assumed she was a nurse. Meredith rightfully shut down his assumption, but not before Alex’s thoughts that women couldn’t be doctors had been made clear. Whilst both jobs are commendable, Alex’s ignorance towards Meredith showed just how much he underestimated his colleagues, especially if they happened to be women.

9 Meredith Went Behind Alex’s Back

Alex’s transformation over the years was incredible, as he grew from being selfish and uncaring to a man who would do anything for the people he loved. However, his reckless streak persevered, as seen in “Family Affair,” when he attacked Deluca for seemingly taking advantage of Jo. The following episode, “Undo,” followed the events after Deluca’s hospitalization, and showed Meredith and Alex trying to decide what the right thing to do was.

Meredith initially covered for Alex, but then decided to tell Bailey that he was the one who attacked Deluca. Whilst it was the morally right decision for Meredith to tell Bailey, considering she had agreed to help Alex, only to turn him in without even telling him was unfair, especially as Alex had already elected to go to the police anyway.

8 Alex Didn’t Warn Meredith About Ava’s State

“Freedom,” followed traumatic events for everyone involved – Meredith uncovered deeply repressed memories of her Mother’s suicide attempt when she was a child, and Alex tried to care for a severely ill Ava by himself. At the time, Meredith had been going through therapy, and was finally coming to terms with the trauma she faced as a child.

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However, after Meredith experienced a breakthrough, she arrived back at her house to see the aftermath of Ava’s suicide attempt, which brought up even more trauma for her. Whilst Alex’s relationship with Ava showed how caring he could be, it also showed how much he alienated himself from his friends and rejected their help – it was a situation that Meredith should never have had to walk into unprepared, and could have been avoided had Alex not been so cagey with his friends about Ava’s true mental state.

7 Meredith Wouldn’t Tell Alex Where She Was

Throughout Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Alex proved to be friendship goals, as they always tried to support one another. However, Meredith often had a tendency to block people out when she was suffering, a coping mechanism she turned to after Derek died. In “She’s Leaving Home,” Meredith chose to leave Seattle after Derek’s death, and neglected to tell any of her friends or family where she was, or if she and her children were okay.

Alex constantly attempted to contact her, which eventually led to Meredith calling him back to tell him she was fine, but she wasn’t coming home. Whilst Meredith was understandably distraught, it was wrong of her to disappear for a year and not tell anyone, especially her closest friend. The situation was only made worse when it was revealed after she had given birth that she had chosen Alex as her emergency contact, without even alerting him.

6 Alex Tried To Get Meredith Fired

The episodes that centered around Meredith tampering with the Alzheimer’s trial in season 7 were hard for fans to watch. Meredith’s career, and relationship with Derek, was nearly shattered in her attempts to help Adele. However, the events became even more dramatic when it was revealed that Alex was the person who alerted Owen to Meredith’s actions.

If Alex had told the truth about Meredith’s actions because he felt it was moral to do so, the betrayal wouldn’t have been as catastrophic. But, Alex only blurted the news out because he was angry at his own personal life, and wanted the chance to be chief resident over Meredith. It was a mean thing to do to Meredith and nearly cost her everything, and even worse that he didn’t do it for the right reasons.

5 Meredith Tried To Dictate Alex’s Life

By season 14, it seemed like she had finally found her feet again after all the obstacles Meredith had faced. However, her happiness was threatened in “All of Me,” when Meredith realized that Alex may move away when Jo received a fellowship offer at another hospital.

Selfishly, Meredith came up with the idea to make a position available for Jo at Grey Sloan, just to ensure that Alex wouldn’t move away. Not only did Meredith try to dictate an important decision in both Alex and Jo’s life, she did it all on their wedding day. She did come to her senses in the end and apologize to Jo, but it was a self-centered thing to do in the first place, and she should have had more faith in her friendship with Alex.

4 Alex Didn’t Respect Meredith’s House

When Alex bought Meredith’s house in season 9, fans believed Meredith’s home couldn’t be in better hands. Yet, before Meredith even sold him the house, he sent a list of things that needed to be fixed, failing to recognize the importance of some of the aspects of Meredith’s house, and the sentimental value attached to them.

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Meredith insisted that Alex couldn’t tear down nostalgic things, such as markings in the wall where she had noted Zola’s height, and her own from her childhood, but Alex refused to listen, and instead expressed his annoyance. Whilst he eventually understood the importance of these things, it’s something he should have initially cared more about.

3 They Treated Each Other Badly Over Lexie

Lexie’s arrival at the hospital caused a lot of problems for Meredith, and Alex’s involvement with her only made her relationship with her half-sister even more complicated. However, in regard to Lexie, both of them were unfair to each other, and to Lexie, in their actions.

Alex, having moved into Meredith’s house, thought it would be a smart idea to start sleeping with Lexie, with whom he knew Meredith didn’t have a great relationship with, and thus upset her. On one hand, Alex should have respected his friendship with Meredith enough to not bring Lexie around unwanted, but Meredith also should have understood that Alex’s relationships had nothing to with her.

2 They Disrespected Each Other At Work

Alex and Meredith were both extremely competitive people, and more than once, this led to them arguing at work. On numerous occasions, especially earlier on in the show, the pair fought over whose methods were better and Alex in particular, acted arrogantly about his ideas.

The most notable instance happened in “Winning a Battle, Losing the War,” when Alex didn’t want a patient as they weren’t severe enough to show off his abilities, so let Meredith treat him. Yet, when the patient’s injuries worsened, Alex opted the steal the case, and then brag about it to Meredith who, uncharacteristically, shoved him against a locker out of anger.

1 Alex Didn’t Say Goodbye In Person

Alex’s sudden departure in season 16 was shocking, and was one of the worst exits in Grey’s Anatomy. After all he had grown through, he left his friends and family behind after learning that Izzie had had his children. Whilst it was understandable that he would want to meet them, and see Izzie again, it didn’t require him uprooting his entire life and turning his back on those he loved.

Since Derek’s death and Cristina’s departure, Alex had become Meredith’s “person,” and he knew what that meant to her, after all the loss she had experienced. What made the situation even worse, is that he didn’t even say goodbye to her in person, instead he chose to send her a letter. It was heartbreaking for fans to see Meredith lose another one of her friends, especially considering how close her and Alex were, and was truly one of the worst things Alex did.

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Author: Megan Moncrieff